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Mecha Combat-Crash Apk

Mecha Combat-Crash V10 APKs

  • Version: V10
  • File size: 15.70MB
  • Requires: Android 4.0+
  • Package Name: com.Mecha.combat.Crash
  • Developer: skiyawa
  • Updated May 24, 2024
  • Price: Free
  • Rate 4.50 stars – based on 10 reviews
Mecha Combat-Crash Game

Game name: Mecha Combat-Crash

Game overview:
"Mecha Combat-Crash" is an exciting single-player action game in which players control a powerful mecha warrior to destroy all enemies in the level. By defeating enemies and completing level tasks, players can obtain gold coins, which can be used to upgrade the mecha warrior's blood volume and attack power, continuously improve combat effectiveness, and meet more challenging levels.

Game features:

Diverse level design: The game contains multiple levels, each with unique enemy configuration and terrain design. As the levels progress, the number and difficulty of enemies gradually increase, bringing continuous challenges to players.

Smooth operating experience: Players can control the mecha warrior through simple and intuitive control methods, including movement, attack and other actions. Precision is the key to successfully defeating your enemies.

Gold coin system: Players will be rewarded with gold coins after defeating enemies and completing tasks in the game. Gold coins can be used to upgrade the Mecha Warrior's attributes, increase its health and attack power, making it tougher and more powerful in battle.

Upgrade system: The blood volume and attack power of the mecha warrior can be upgraded through gold coins. Increasing blood volume can increase survivability, and increasing attack power can destroy enemies faster. A reasonable upgrade strategy will greatly increase the player's chance of passing the level.

Exquisite graphics and sound effects: The game uses high-definition graphics, the mecha warriors and enemies are beautifully designed, and the combat effects are cool. Realistic sound effects and shocking background music create a fierce battle atmosphere and immerse players in it.


Control the Mecha Warrior: Through the virtual buttons on the screen, players can control the movement and attack of the Mecha Warrior. You need to use various movements flexibly to avoid enemy attacks and look for opportunities to counterattack.

Defeat Enemies: There are a large number of enemies in each level, and players need to defeat them one by one.

Collect gold coins: After defeating enemies and completing tasks, players can receive gold coin rewards. These gold coins can be used to upgrade the Mecha Warrior's attributes.

Upgrade the Mecha Warrior: Between levels, players can use gold coins to upgrade the Mecha Warrior's health and attack power. A reasonable upgrade strategy will greatly improve the player's combat ability and the chance of passing the level.

Challenge difficult levels: As the game progresses, the level difficulty will gradually increase. Players need to continuously improve their operating skills and mecha warrior attributes to deal with increasingly powerful enemies and more challenging levels.

"Mecha Combat-Crash" brings players a challenging and fun gaming experience through intense combat and diverse level design. Players need to use wisdom and skills to control mecha warriors to defeat enemies, continuously improve their combat effectiveness, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment of becoming a top mecha warrior.

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